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EU Joins Microsoft To Protect Users Privacy

Jun 28th


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EU Joins Microsoft To Protect Users Privacy

Even though EU and Microsoft aren’t exactly the best friends, it looks like both of them have found a common enemy: users tracking.

Recently, the software giant has informed that the upcoming release of the Internet Explorer 10 will have a “Do Not Track” feature enabled by default, which made advertising agencies unhappy. As a result, W3C has updated the DNT draft and asked web browser makers to disable such feature during the initial software launch.

Now, it looks like the EU has sided with Microsoft as Robert Madelin, European Commission’s digital advisor, issued the following statement:

“It is not the Commission’s understanding that user agents’ factory or default setting necessarily determine or distort owner choice. The specification need not therefore seek to determine the factory setting and should not do so, because to intervene on this point could distort the market.

Crucially, and as a different matter, the standard should foresee that at the install or first use of the browser the owner should be informed of the importance of their DNT choice, told of the default setting and prompted or allowed to change that setting.”

How this will affect the currently proposed DNT draft? No one knows yet but the story continues…

Comments (8,302)