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Our core services are designed to compliment each other perfectly, or be just as powerful on their own. Whatever your project, concept or passion we can tailor our offering to ensure you get exactly what you wanted. Every time.

Web Designing & Development

Today, the web is an essential tool for any business looking to increase their bottom line. By reaching out to a much larger market with your products and services—especially in these hard times—your business is far more likely to see an increased return on investment compared to businesses that stick to outdated methods. A well developed, beautifully designed website is the perfect way to improve both leads and conversions.

Even with the most robust, feature-packed web development software available today, there is a tremendous learning curve involved in developing a technically sound website or web application. As professional web developers we use the latest technology trends including HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that your website loads quickly, is responsive and is accessible across a wide range of platforms.

The benefits of professional Web Design & Development

  • Usable and engaging styles
  • Eye catching design standards
  • HTML5 & CSS3 ensures latest development standards
  • W3C web standards compliance ensures robust output
  • WAI WCAG 1.0 compliance ensures accessibility
  • Content, presentation and behaviour separated for scalability
  • Implementation of proven conversion techniques
  • Effective ‘call to action’ implementation
  • Logical next and closing actions

Web Design & Development solutions from AxixTec

We truly appreciate the importance of the web to market and drive your business, and brand, forward in the digital age. We design and build bespoke, modern websites which are usable, accessible, responsive and engaging to the user. Our team create fantastic looking designs to present your content via intelligent and scalable systems.

Whether you want specific features on your site, or an internal system designed to suit your business requirements exactly, we are able to build it. We will analyse your business to make the most appropriate suggestions for your business' specific needs. We will then implement the best solutions using industry standard technologies, ensuring you get the most out of your website.

Content Management System

If your business has a website and you don’t have a dedicated web development team you will need some form of content management system (CMS). A CMS enables you to manage the content on your website whenever and wherever it suits you, without any special knowledge of HTML or other web languages, via an administration panel available from internet connected computer.

The Benefits of Content Management

  • You are in total control of your web content
  • Edit your own web pages in an instant
  • Save money on a dedicated web development team
  • No web programming knowledge required
  • Regularly updated websites perform better in search engines

Content Management solutions from AxixTec

Our foolproof, bespoke content management systems enable you to update or add content as often as you like. We will show you how and when to add content, and the best way to write content, to get the best out of your search engine rankings, and in turn increase traffic from search engines.


With so many options out there for people looking to build and manage their website upon, it is so important to pick the right package. CMS are open source softwares that has massively grown in trend over time as it can be managed by non-technical people using it’s simple content management system not to mention it has massive SEO benefits to improve ranking in Google. If you are looking for quality and affordable web design, you need look no further than WordPress web design. All of Axixtec current clients take advantage of a WordPress blog, see our list of clients or our portfolio for more information or call us right @ +91 9860105977.

Social Media Marketing

Although you may think Social Media is a passing trend, the impact of social networks and the opportunities they provide is significant. In March this year, Facebook received more traffic than Google, and recently became the top source of traffic to major sites such as Yahoo and MSN. Recent research also shows that social media is the top emerging channel for lead generation among technology marketers surveyed in May 2010*.

In May 2010 social networking sites overtook search engines as the primary category for UK Internet visits. According to Hitwise UK, 1 in every 6 Internet page views in the UK is a Facebook page, and worldwide, £2.76 billion will be spent on social networks in 2011. How are you engaging with your audiences?

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Promote your brand where web users are spending their time
  • Engage directly with potential customers/li>
  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Enables you to engage in dialogue with customers and potential customers
  • Improved branding for your business
  • Infinite lead generation opportunity
  • Improved customer service and feedback
  • Increase the goodwill of your business
  • Widens the SEO footprint and web presence of your business
  • Facebook fanpage design
  • Twitter account page design
  • Youtube account page design

Social Media Marketing solutions from AxixTec

We create beautiful social media campaigns which enable you to engage with your potential customers across a range of popular platforms. We can advise you on proven best practices which will aid the growth of your ‘likes’ and ‘followers’, enabling you to speak to more people about your product or service. Take a look at some of our recent Facebook pages for Cambridge Glasshouse, Graham and Rosen Solicitors and the Fully Focused Digital Agency.